Win A Bitcoin At Euro 2021 With TXMarkets

by | Jun 7, 2021

Win A Bitcoin At Euro 2021 With TXMarkets

Euro 2020 is fast approaching and TXMarkets is giving you the chance to win big! We have set up a FREE TO ENTER Prediction Game and the top prize is One Bitcoin, currently valued at over 30,000 euros. Have you got what it takes to win a bitcoin? Find out how you can enter and how the competition works below.

How It Works

It really is simple to enter this superb Euro 2021 Predictions competition. All you need to do is head to the competition by clicking on the this link, register your details, invite your friends and colleagues to also take part and then start making your predictions.

You’ll need to enter a prediction for every match at Euro 2020 and you can do so right up until kick-off of each game. All results are settled after 90 minutes so in the knockout stages, extra time and penalties will not count.


  • Exact correct score + result predicted = 9 points
  • Correct goal difference + result predicted = 6 points
  • Correct result but wrong scoreline predicted = 4 points
  • Answer bonus questions correctly = 15 points each

So, as you can see from the above there are three different ways you can score points. The maximum you can score in one game is 9 points and that requires you to get both the result and the scoreline correct. If you get the match result right and the goal difference right, you get six points.

For example, say you predicted that Italy would win 3-1 vs Turkey in the opener and they won 2-0, that would earn you 6 points as you got the correct number of goals they won by. If you predicted a 1-0 win for Italy, that would earn 4 points as the match result was correct, but the goal difference and scoreline was wrong.

When predicting draws, 9 points are awarded for predicting the exact scoreline. However, if you predicted a 2-2 draw and it finished 1-1, you would earn 4 points. 6 points cannot be earned when predicting draws.

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Win A Bitcoin Tiebreakers

Whoever has the most prediction points at the end of the competition is the winner. In the event of a tie break, the bonus questions will come into play. The bonus questions are, in order of importance:

  • Predict the tournament winner.
  • Highest scoring team.
  • Most number of correctly predicted semi-final teams.

If the above predictions fail to spilt the overall winners, the final metric used will be the prediction of the total goals scored by all teams at Euro 2021. Whoever gets closest to the number of goals scored will take first prize and win a bitcoin! Other prizes up for grabs include:

TXMarkets Euro 2021 Competition Prizes

Finishing Position



1 Bitcoin


1 year TXMarkets Subscription

3rd to 5th

6 months TXMarkets Subscription

6th to 20th

1 month TXMarkets Subscription


After you have made your entry you can follow and track your predictions and points total live as each match finishes. Tables and results can be accessed on tablet, desktop, PC or mobile. This really is a top quality competition with amazing prizes and you’d be mad not to enter.

Spread The Word

It isn’t every day you’ll have a chance to win a bitcoin so make sure to spread the work amongst family and friends. After you have entered you should follow us on social media to keep up to date on the latest developments and expert insight from the TXMarkets tipping team.

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